Goals and Building Blocks


So, today we’re going to be talking about goals. Now, this is not the first time I have talked about them in a roundabout type of way. There are several types of goals. There are goals that are short term, like picking up the keyboard and typing just two hundred words. Then there are long-term goals, like directing a feature-length Oscar-winning movie. Then there are the unrealistic goals, like moving to Japan to satiate my inner sempai.

The goals that I speak of, however, are the goals of building steps.

So, you can’t reach the cookie jar? Get a box and stand on it. Still not tall enough? Put another box on it. Can’t reach the top of the boxes? Get another box to stand on to reach the taller boxes. Et cetera.

Technically, I have been building blocks for quite some time now. I started with a sheet of neon green fabric with sewn-on Velcro loops and PVC pipes for a stand. Now, I have a twenty foot wide muslin green screen with a Manfrotto frame. I started with what I could afford and moved my way to what I could get later a piece at a time.

My Building Blocks

I started learning with a copy of Adobe After Effects 3.0 that was left behind on an old windows-based machine I had bought used. I went out and bought a $50 book and started dabbling.

Much later, I went back to school and procured the Adobe Production Suite CS 5.5. Student/Teacher Edition. Then I moved on to CC and have kept up to date since.

Now, with all things considered, I actually have quite a few tools at my disposal. Boom mic? Yep. Digital audio recorder? In the bag.

Where To Go Next

I have a goal in mind, and I want to make something. Yes, I have tools, but I am still lacking a few that would allow me to have a fighting chance at achieving my goal. I’m trying to gather more boxes to climb on, but I’m impatient.

The worst part is I understand why. I tend to be a “strike when the iron is hot” type of guy. That leads to the problem of how much mental energy I place into these sorts of things, and the rate at which I burn out is actually quite scary. As long as I have something to feed the flame, the process can be intense.

When the fuel supply is cut off? Not so much.

I guess I need to get back to refining the script some more. Maybe that will help in the short term. Until next time, may all your endeavors be ad libitum.

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