The Last Day Of November

One More Month

So after today we will have millions of children and adults counting down until that magical day when Christmas gets here (or when it’s over depending on which group you are in). I, personally, cannot wait for it to get here. Sure, I have to work on Christmas Day, but I am off on Christmas Eve, so there’s that.

I asked the wife what we were going to be doing this year, and apparently we are (for her side of the family) going to her sister’s for the normal “dirty-Santa-everyone-hates-you-a-month-for-sticking-them-with-the-flower-vase” get together in the days before Christmas, as per the norm. My family just does the whole gift exchange thing on Christmas Eve.

Gaming News!

Traffic Jam v9.2

Well, it looks like we’re getting together this weekend for another episode of “Silas, please…” as we have affectionately nicknamed the campaign. So far we’ve had one base game run-through and one side campaign. I’m looking forward to another full run, especially since Jade has made a character and may be joining us for the game Saturday night.

I’m still trying to finalize the character generator for this since it is a relatively simple campaign type and the system is pretty straightforward. It’s really a matter of actually getting the code onto the page and testing it out in the system.

Stumbling Blocks

So, I am supposed to be writing more since the work things have slowed down. So far, I have written about 300-400 words total. I have a litany of excuses as to why this has happened. Mainly it has happened because I hate my chair at home.

The chair that I purchased through Staples was comfortable for about the first three months that I owned it. After that, they hydraulics started failing and the cushion material started flattening much like a pancake. Needless to say, sitting with my knees up at chin level on a piece of plywood supported by four bolts isn’t the most advantageous way to write.


In summary, I feel that I need to write more, but that’s probably not happening in the next few days with my current schedule. I have a game scheduled for Saturday night, and thankfully I do not need the character generator before the game. Finally, Christmas is on its way, and I’m really hoping that it passes peacefully for all people involved.

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