Pre-Christmas Party!

The Christmas Party

So, another year has passed and it’s time for the annual Christmas Party at C.R.C. tomorrow. This year I am really looking forward to watching the recipient of my Secret Santa gift unwrap it. I have been extra careful to make sure that the recipient does not know who got the present or that they are getting it from me. So we’ll see if my master ninja level wrapping techniques are still up to par.

Training, Week Two

So, we are starting week two of training, and by all appearances it will be a “short” week. One of the work days is the Christmas Party (see above), and the next day is the Anniversary Dinner in Chattanooga at the Walden Club. My trainee is doing great and setting a good pace. She’s a more visual learner, so I am struggling as my teaching technique is typically more verbally-based.

I mean, there’s a ton of information to go over, but I am hopeful that she will be talking and typing early to middle of next week, or maybe even as early as the beginning of the weekend. I’ll probably try it then to test the waters.


Yeah, that didn’t happen at all. Not one bit. The brother wasn’t able to make it and I wasn’t feeling too creative at the time. I ended up working on something else, though. It looks a little something like this:

Yeah, good times.

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