Tuesday Night Fever

No, really, Sam has actually said these words to me, and I left in the same manner.

As I sit here tonight waiting on another call to come in, I think about all of the things that I could be at home doing right now. It’s not a terribly healthy habit to have, honestly. Well, it’s not healthy for my paycheck.

Nevertheless, I have put my name into the hat to go home early tonight. The company calls it “volunteering to go home”. Now, this list is usually longer than one would expect from a place of employment where the end goal is to work and get paid for doing so.

On slower nights, however, it isn’t financially responsible to have a lot of people sitting idle waiting for calls. Idle time is expensive, so when those conditions exist, management starts pulling names form their magical hat in order to send people home.

Now, when you volunteer to go home, they’ll always ask you if you want it paid or unpaid. I typically take it unpaid, as I like to save my accumulated PTO (Paid Time Off) for dates in the future, like vacation time.

I’m not sure if or when they will start the vetting process for sending people home tonight, but if I hear my name called more than two hours before the normal end of my shift, you can bet your headset that I will be packed and out the door faster than you can say “Where’s Burt?”


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