Working the Body

So, yeah, this is how I have felt today. No, I am not feeling like the champion Rocky, I am feeling more like the punching bag on the right. At least, my ribs feel like his face looks. If anyone remembers this post, you will remember that almost a month ago I fell in my home and broke a rib. Took a body shot from the pantry.

Well, it seems that it’s not going to be over any time soon. I have tried to be as gentle as I can be with it. I have not done anything strenuous with my left arm, nor have I done any heavy lifting. The honey-do list is getting longer and longer because I am not capable of doing anything too physical yet.

And this makes me feel useless.

I know that it shouldn’t. I understand that the injury hasn’t healed and that I may have to go back to the doctor and have them check it again to make sure that they haven’t missed anything from the original x-ray of the break. My mind knows that if I do anything to hurt my ribs/back area that I’ll be sending myself back to healing square one.

I know this. My mind knows this. It doesn’t prevent me from feeling bad about it.

My lovely wife has been more than understanding and even said that I am being too hard on myself about this. She’s probably right. She usually is. That doesn’t stop my subconscious from beating me with a stick and telling me how lousy of a husband I am being.

…and yet this is still me…

So my next day off is next week some time, Wednesday I think. I guess I’ll go to the doctor and let him look over the x-ray that Erlanger took of me. Maybe he can see something that the ER doctor couldn’t see.

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