…aaaaaand here we go again!

‘Tis the Season!

‘Tis the season once again for those in my profession! It looks like Alberto has helped us kick off storm season this year, and we even got fireworks from a Hawaiian volcano to indicate the season’s beginning.

For those that know me, I work as a dispatcher for a company that dispatches (and takes calls from members and customers) for various electric cooperatives and municipalities after hours and weekends. I am one of a team of dispatchers that coordinate your local linemen during after hours and weekends when the offices are closed. Storms come in at the worst possible times.

From the looks of this storm, Alberto, it seems that we’re going to be busy for the next few days, especially Memorial Day and the day after. Which leads us to…

A Midsummer Nights Crud

Yes, I actually wasn’t able to finish out my shift today. I felt a passing feeling of nausea before I left for work today but thought nothing of it. By the time I got there (15 min drive) I was sniffling and had a tickle in my throat. I worked two hours and, during that time, I could feel everything spreading throughout my sinuses and chest area, so I came home to take as much medicine as legally allowed and to force myself better before I have to head back into work Tuesday.

Other News

There’s no other news. Not when I’m sick. Not really. I’ll write more when the head clears and the meds kick in harder.


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