The Grind (An Update)


Unfortunately, I am not talking about something as wonderful and joy-creating as coffee (decaffeinated, because apparently my heart is a wuss). No, instead I am talking about the back-to-back calls that mark the beginning of the summer season of fun at work. Now, normally, I do not get the time to write in my blog from work once the season has started (because of the hectic nature of our jobs), but its a Sunday and people appear to be playing a little nice today.

I haven’t been able to do an update post in a long while (or ANY type of post for that matter), so here’s my update post for the summer:

The Game (I Lost)

This has been happening with much greater frequency since teaching more and more people about The Game. In case you are unaware of that which I speak, allow me to introduce you to the rules of playing “The Game”.

You’re welcome.

Work on the Nightingale Series

Because of the call volume that has been happening at work recently, this project seems to have ground to a disturbingly harsh stop.

Yes, my imagination looks about like this when I’m working. Not so much the beautiful artistic look, but more like the explosions and burning fire and smoke and crashing. Yes, I need to work more on the next chapter. Yes, I want to sit down and work on it. Unfortunately, once I leave work my brain is so fried that writing is out of the question, and writing at home can sometimes be difficult. I mean, I love my computer there and the three monitors, surround sound and sitting in my comfy recliner to write, so it’s not that.

It’s the distractions.

I love my wife, and I don’t mean this the wrong way, but she is a HUGE distraction in the writing process. Not because she does anything to distract me directly. It’s just that I love to sit and talk with her. The distraction is on my side completely, not hers. I mean, she likes to sit and talk with me as well, but she has always let me sit and write whenever I wanted without complaint. I just think of things and then find myself turning around and starting a three hour conversation.

So, yeah, it’s all my fault.

Work on the New RPG Series

Yes, you read that correctly. Recently, the wife and I were sitting around talking (see the above section) when we both decided that the system that we were using had become too “familiar” and had too much history for us to continue to enjoy playing. Originally, we had started talking about a new world, one not associated with the world with all of the people, places and characters that we both knew and loved, but a new world.

It didn’t take too long into our talking to realize that we were not creating a new world, but an entirely new game. Once we came to terms with that fact, we started making notes and creating like we did back in the day when we still lived in Alabama, rolling homemade dice because we didn’t have anything else, drawing maps on paper and taping them together when we ran out of room.

Good times.


In summary, there’s a lot of work going on, but unfortunately the majority of it is work work, not fun work. I’m creating a new system with the wife that (as far as we can tell) seems like it will be a fun system to run and play, and we are both excited to get things finished so that we can start running games in this new world.

And because it took over thirty minutes to complete this post, I just lost. Again. Yay me.

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