Friends, Adobe, and Laziness

So, let me take you back in time to March of 2016. Yes, that’s over two years ago. Back in that time, I went to a friend’s house and together, with the help of my wife and quite a few friends, we shot a short film part for fun. It was only the beginning of what we were hoping to be a series. After the shoot was over, we both made copies of the video and audio files so that we would have the same information to work with. That was then.

As of last week, I had touched on it a few times, but otherwise the source files sat untouched. All 39.9Gb of them. However, that was last week.

As of now, I have compiled and edited the first section of the film. I’m only grabbing a few screen shots to post here because I’m not sure that I want to post the final film when complete. Why, you might ask? The reason comes down to one thing: audio.

Apparently I did not have the audio covered as well as I would have liked and there are parts of the session where the mic being too far away was obvious, and although Adobe makes tools that can seem like magic, the old rule of “garbage in, garbage out” is still in play.

Oh, well. When I get it finished, I’ll send it to Jimmy Lee, my co-conspirator. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it, if nothing else.

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