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Scored Another Fix…

So, my virtual resident crack dealer Andrew Kramer recently released a new plug in that will allow me to create three-dimensional worlds that are easy to customize and are fast to render. Though I downloaded the plugin the night it came out, it wasn’t until last night that I was able to dedicate any time to playing with it. I decided that I would download the project texture and image files and walk through the tutorial to see if this was something that my system would handle.

First off, let me start by saying that my system isn’t something to sneeze at… well, at least most of it. 8 core processor. 16 Gb of RAM. Over 4 Tb of storage across multiple drives with After Effects configured to maximize their usage. Yep, nice setup…

…until you get to the graphics card.

I am currently running an NVidia GeForce GT 650 with 1Gb of dedicated video memory. I understand the depth of how under-powered this card is, as I made the discovery after purchasing my crack dealer’s Element 3d plugin for After Effects.

Video Copilot ORB at a Glance

Downloading and installing this plugin is so simple. The download comes in a zip file and once the single file installer is extracted, you run the installer and it automagically adds itself to your After Effects versions you have installed.

From there, you can just follow the tutorial and he does such an excellent job of describing how to use the plugin you’d swear that he wrote it himself. 🙂

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